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Saturday, October 22, 2011

less than 20 days.

let's speak out the truth.

Exam starts on the 10th and guess there isnt much time left...
I dont wanna do a countdown 'cause i know when i do it i will get real stress and doing more shitty stuff. im gonna b so fucked up if i really dont start my revision now. I dont get how can my time table be so like a mess. first two days then math then the last two days i got two papers. OMFG, like seriously do you have to do this to me?! To be honest, within this holiday i only spent one day to do my english, math revision. other than that, my folders are all staying at the same place. :x

Frankly, I dont know what happen to me... time pass by and all i left is the laziness dragging me around. like today... I spend my time on sleep, tv and musics. Doing these shits cheer me a little but when the exam approach I gonna be so dead and stress out. I knew it but i dont know why... nobody will understand me in a moment like this. - misery, fckedup, mindfucked and all shitty feelings just come to me. :X

I can't do it. This time is harder than any time I used to be in. It has the right to affect my future and it sucks. Nobody is pulling me up when I'm drowning so badly... the time table I made is so UGH!

I wake up every morning and I say to myself, - 
"just leave the memories behind and everything will be just fine."
yet, I didn't mean it at all.


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