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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

it's been a month.

hello there. :)

It's been a month since i last blog. Blogging used to be a part of my life last time but these days school works tend to take over my every interest. oh well! Let's just say time flies it really does. Within this month things change so quickly. I've finished 3 of my papers and 2 left. I had my birthday celebration. I have friends who are leaving. My sister gone back to M'sia. I officially braces free. :) One thing I feel weird about is myself. Things around me really change a lot yet I am still trying to loose weight, wishing so hard to get through every little things. However, here I am gone through so many things... good or bad. OH WELL!

Fluffy is so fluffy these days and i love her. <3

So in another month time I might be in M'sia enjoying my summer break with the besties. I cant wait to go back and meet them and annoy them all day long. :) Before these thoughts the first thing i have to go through is my other two paper. Sociology and Eco. OMFG! I just cant wait to go through them no matter how many credits I gotta have within this year. lol!

Anyway, I have to go now. Really need to start study for my last two papers and work starts! :)
Life has been pretty good. :3
and I will show you how good it has been through my face expression. heheeeee

Nicole dropped by and work on our video. :D

day before my braces off and day after. :)

right after a day and i put on my retainer. :D

later blog walkers. :D

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