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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Songs that never get old are hard to find. Yet I found two albums that I will never press the stop button.

Firstly, 李佳薇 a Malaysian that win星光7班 and just released her album [感謝愛人]. This album include 10 songs and truly 10 of them are amazing. She has a voice that I will never get over with. I'm so gonna get her album when i got back to M'sia for sure. 
Highly recommend you to listen to 分隔線 and 大火. She sings so well and I can honestly say every time i listen to her live through video all you can feel is that moment when your goosebumps stand straight up eventually.

分隔線 live by  李佳薇

Besides, another album that I cant get enough with is 4 by Beyonce. Honestly, at first i think this album is kinda crap but after when you listen her song one by one it catches your ears.
I dont understand how she can actually dance so hard out when she's pregnant and she's gorgeous no matter what. Tell me who wouldn't sing her song when you're in karaoke. For me at least you have to sing two of her songs if not it doesnt count as karaoke. :X
In this album, I love a song named "I Was Here" and I can never go near the stop button. She's a great singer and she can do anything! Sing, dance, act and even her life is so happy with Jay-Z . :) *ootyrramretfaxes* heheee

This is a good song too! 
Just press play and you will never b regret w. it! :)

Anyway, gotta off and study for tomorrow's test now.
Hope you guys enjoy listening to musics and as we know music will never get enough in our life! :)


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