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Saturday, September 17, 2011


There it just passed. Finally, I have finished my mocks exam and thank God I actually finish it although i know the result will be real crappy. Let's just say I did not even start to study until the night before an exam. As a result i failed most of my paper. So call a mock would not effect on my life I suppose. I remembered i did almost the same thing last year and i was way easier than this year. In fact, I really dont know what is going on with the school. those subjects just cant treat me as well as last year. well well well. this is just life isn't it.

Look at this photo:


a messy bed with a mess of dumb refill.

This photo clearly shows you i actually worked hard in my last paper which is Sociology yet all i got back the result was !@#$%^(*&. I dont even wanna take a real look with it. I feel like I just dont tend to give a damn with what is going to happen and this is so not good. :(

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