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Sunday, September 11, 2011

laugh, love, smile and we are family.

4th of September. 
it was father's day and i remember when my dad first said he was going to come i was so excited and i can't even stop smiling. :) to be honest, it has been few months since i last saw him and overall within a year I didn't get to see him for more than a month. how sad is that. anyway. just before the day he leave NZ and off back to M'sia was father's day. We actually didn't celebrate Father's Day with him for about two years and i can see how a dad actually need love from the family. Well, now let the photos do some talking due to the broken English I have.

 Red velvet cake with dark chocolate toppings

look how cute is my dad. :3
he's the cutest man ever. <3

anyway, imma off to study.
Eco tomorrow and i can't wait till Wednesday so i can get my freedom back at least for 2 weeks. :D
imma fight you!

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