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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

fly away.

I wish I could just tell you guys what we were last time. We weren’t in a relationship. We weren’t just friends. Perhaps a flirtationship. Then now both of us are just strangers. A total stranger. I wish they understand. I’m terrified. I’m afraid of awkward moments and the starred moment. Just not right. I don’t like it when they keep mentioning over the same freaking guy when it was totally a past. I tried to get over it but please just stop mention about the same thing when it just starts to get more boring than before. When it comes to this way, it is not a joke anymore. It starts to be annoying, people. Stay clear as crystal. Things tend to stuffed up and like seriously.

Going to the mid of term3’s week 1 and im struggling with subject choice for next year. Advises from them are fcked up and it almost the same as last year. Not good. Is always bad to go into a high school which accept international students. THEY ARE SO DAMN RACIST and nobody bother to complain about it. I’m wondering what am I going to be in the future. I have not much problem until this education thing is surrounding me. Im going to have subject choice done by this week and an English internal also the Art History. Omfg. I just realize I have to resit my Sociology assessment that I did last term and it was like a month ago. How am I supposed to remember with zero memories? DAMN!!!!! cbs dah.


Wing ring. J

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