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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

bee zi la.

be who you really are.
you are

Seriously, I shouldn't be blogging on a Tuesday night where I have my math test tomorrow. Calculus test and I can never get Excellent for it. Achieve could be 100% sure but the 50% of Merit just making me insane. I have been working so hard out in math these days but guess what. I just dont get it thru at all.

I just realize most of the time I blogged about my school life instead of my own reality life. oppsy! In fact, I can't find anything interesting in my life other than these things. Anyway! My dad is here. He arrived on Sunday the 28th and he bought 90kgs things. NO! I did not type the wrong number. IT IS NINETY kgs. He bought at least 6 bottles of Sticky, 15 boxes of Royce chocolate, 4 Toblerone and etc. I am glad that he finally bought my teddy here! :) a gift from the love ones. TJY, TCW &TKH if im not wrong. lol! It has been more than a year since I got it. This is a huge one, doodolls! who wouldn't love 'em. They are soft and comfy. :D Besides, daddy bought a digital camera which is always the same model as usual and last but not least a Film SLR that I keen for ages. got a film and got the camera but the problem is i have no idea how to use it. heheeeeee.

Oh well! Imma try my best to expert with my DSLR first tho. So after two days of slacking for dad and his friends. They are now in upper north which he goes every time he comes. I love my family so much that i just can't stop pitching their faces for more than a week. heheeee

Gonna off to bed soon after another test revision paper for Calc. tata peeps. :D

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