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Sunday, July 10, 2011

stop it, like seriously.


Don’t ask me what am I going to study in Uni. Don’t ask me why am I taking these random subjects together. Just don’t ask me why, what and how. I don’t know how to answer and I have never thought of those before. If I have a chance I would take a look at the future and so I could work hard from now on but no, it’s impossible. Gonna have subject choice done on the second week of term 3 and I have no idea what am I going study. I seem to be suck in everything just every single things and it is a disaster. A photographer? I cant have any new idea to take. A lawyer? Bad english language. Study business? What am I suppose to do in the future?! A sociologist? Bad english, Jess. ==

These fucking thoughts always pop out and it distract me, always. Not good girl, not good enough. I always wonder what’s the point of studying when the world just keeps changing in fact nobody cares about the history, the making off and the whatevers. What we study now don’t seem to relate back to this reality.

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