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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

honey, please show me your magic.

Three days, I have been coughing non-stop for three days. It sounds alright but actually not, talking to somebody when I cant actually hear what I am trying to tell others. Trying my best to deliver a message to a friend and they just don’t get it at all. Feeling so sleepy and sick during internal for the whole week. Try to concentrate during class but no. trying to get into a better sleep but the cough just woke me up. It sucks. All of these don’t work at all. It sucks real lot.

Everything is a mess even I am a mess too. One and a half week till holiday the end of term 2, I’m excited yet kinda depress. As everything is due, D;

Economic internal is on till this Fri, English creative writing assessment is due on next Tues, Sociology whole internal is due next Fri, Math test tomorrow, ArtHistory assessment checkpoint next Thurs and due on the first day of term 3. I wish time will just stop for a moment and let me get these things done. This is so hard. I miss the relaxing life I had before.

Just let it burn and make everything so smoothly like before.

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