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Sunday, July 3, 2011

#865.) i cant take it.

It has been nearly a month since I last post something serious. Life’s been busy since term 2 has started. Assignments are issued and internal is going on and assessment is due and so on… school works tend to take over my life this term, 11 weeks and I just realize there’s two weeks left, just like that, 2011 is half over.

So the prom of Rangi was on the 30th of June and I wasn’t there. Actually im kinda regret for not attending that but still there’s one next year I suppose. Well, as people attend the ball I went to karaoke with Selina and Lydia. It was fun but the most exciting part was when three of us went to Starbucks and let the photo session started while other people were just staring at us with that weird eye sight. LOL! Got home around 11 and looking back through the photos we took I just thought of getting an iPad2 cause it helps to take awesome photos and those applications are so cool. Oh well, maybe I should just stop getting these stuff since money is no longer a thing to me anymore.


Money doesn’t seem to follow me more than a week. This is depressing and I dont actually know where I spent them on until the account balance is sent back to the house. Somehow, I just cant live without money and I need money to survive. D; ughhh, money can you just pop out in my wallet or maybe just increase in my bank account. ;C Maybe in my dream there will happened.

I need to face the fact. Money can’t buy you family, love or friends. Smile doesn’t mean you’re happy. Cracked up doesn’t mean it’s funny. Somehow, family will disappoint you and all you left is just depression.

Finally, after these years I’m sick. OFCIALLY SICK! Great.

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