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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

20 thirteen.

leave the little pieces back in the past. Move forward with who you really want to be. Dont even try to put yourself in someone else's perspective. Life is just too short to have these judgement around I guess.

& just like that 2012 left me right here. trynna make me to face what I never wanted to face, TIME. time tick every time and there's no way you can bring it back. Just maybe we are suppose to make the most out of it as it ticks away second by second, hour by hour, day by day, weeks by weeks....
Had a New Year Eve at mine. Will invited the bros over, Car invited the siss over and parents invited the famfri. The party was pretty good except for the fucked up dogs trynna rape fluffy. that dog was annoying after all. Party without drinks this time all of us were totally sober. didnt talk much but i heard much more than I can imagine... got to play the ranking game from the bros. fireworks and bbq and bonding time. ohhhhh., time does fly.

from 2012,
graduated. moved on. realized. screwed up. gained fat. closer to the ones i never thought i would b close to. enjoyed the holz. those ups and downs were just hard to b remmebered again and i actually wouldnt want to listen to it anymore. every again. 2013 will make happy more than sad. 2013 will make a better year. it has a good start make it go on. :)


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