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Monday, December 31, 2012


last day of 2012 and I am back.

Let's just say the ups and downs that Ive gone through this year is way easier than what I got used to back then. I remembered back then it was the first time got back-stab, first time being ditch, first time being alone, first time being left behind from everyone you thought would be there for you. This year might be the same what I been through. Realizing being honest doesnt work on the immature kid, being mean makes me a bad person and ignoring makes me the fearless person. Guess is time to move on since tomorrow/ next year is a good head start to make things better.
dad's here, gone to a road/flight trip from Queenstown up to Wellington. It was tiring after all but worth it to spend the time with the fam. n i started to realize how MANY friends i have. Throughout the trip I found no one to text while I just stair at the sis n bro receiving message with the smile upon them yet Im there like an unsociable person. I do admit I dont have friends and who doesnt wants to have friends to share the little things with? I mean often people have the best friends around from high school but mine is just worse than the worst.
define friend. define the good memory without any friend.


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