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Sunday, June 12, 2011


Week 7, term 2.. four more weeks till midterm break. To be honest, I can’t wait till I get my break but before students get some rest all they need to do is rushing to get the assignments done and done with the internal. So week 7, it means I gonna be finishing my photography assignment and start another new one yet Sociology has the internal coming up and statistic internal on Thursday. Orhh emmm giii. I need to finish up my photos and get them printed then sociology survey analysis and the social issues internal’s facts. Holly shit, now I just realize how much work should be done just before the end of this term. So Chinese day is coming up and school’s prom night is coming up. I have made up my mind. Im going to go Chinese day but not the prom that might only happen once in a life time. So I gave an stupid excuse for not going is just that I cant accept myself with dress on, make up, heels and omg I just cant think of it anymore. D; this is depressing.


I just realize I have nothing to blog about these days. :x my life been going through the same routine every day and night. There’s no dream or even goals exist in my life anymore. I can’t crave for anything but just work. Work at mum’s place, school, home and perhaps life.

I don’t feel love but I wish to be loved. I’m totally over to somebody and I’m giving up on him. As a friend I wish he wouldn’t be doing the same thing to other girls. It hurts, you know have known.

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