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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Long weekend turned my switch on.

Thursday after school went out with Lydia, Rachael and Belinda to Takapuna to have dinner. Waited Rachael in school’s library until 430 then took a bus by ditching Nic alone. Heheee got home around 10 after coffee and food. J

Friday, went downtown with Selina.. was suppose to go karaoke but the rainy weather actually turned both of us off. :/ so we just had our brunch, shopping, and some kinda random stuff. The day was alright but it was so damn cold that day. :3

She trying to discover my BB. :)

Saturday, woke up and meet Rachael up to get another ear pierce. Hell yea, i just got the normal ear pierce done last Thurs. Just after a week I got another one. Heheeee. I was scared of getting pierce before but now I’m alright with them. Another two ear pierce? I can wait till it recovers but it only been for a week. To be honest, it hurt so much when you’re trying to sleep with them for the first day. Then went to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides , overall it was just alright. The whole movie doesn’t really relate back to the previous ones. 3 stars maybe?

second ear pierce.

Sunday, finally winter with the sun rose up and woke me up around 10 then mum brought the family off to Northcote get our brunch. Then off to Wairau to get Mr.Alphard a clean look with the sunshine. :) Used about 6 dollars for that day surface and from that I’m all wet by Carmen she spread all the soap on me instead of the car. OH WELL! We are genius anyway. Then got home round 3, off to cricket park and had a run with Fluffy and met Selina and Kirby. :) they both played for like 2 to 3 hours and I got home around 5; had bread as dinner. :( around 9, sis and others came back then off to watch X-Men: First Class. To be honest, I think it is way better than what I watched before and it’s better than pirates4. :x *inmyopinion*

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